What happens to my feedback/comments?

All comments, ideas and suggestions are collated and used by the relevant project manager to inform the development of strategies, programs and activities, or to gain an insight into community views and opinions.

Often, feedback provided online is used in conjunction with other face-to-face consultation activities such as meetings, public information centres or surveys.

When each consultation closes, all contributions are compiled into a report, which will be presented to Council when considering the particular matter.

All feedback provided during consultation will be considered, however this does not mean that every suggestion can be taken on board and adopted as proposed.

Note: All comments you make through this website will be public records for anyone to read.

How do I submit my feedback?

Your feedback can be submitted via the online discussion forums, quick polls, forms and surveys relevant to each of the projects currently open for consultation.

To participate for the first time, simply:

Sign up to the site by clicking on the 'Sign In' button

Choose a screen name and password

Provide a valid email address, your name, and postal code

You will receive an email to validate your email address

Return to the website and click the 'Sign In' button

Note: your comments will appear under your username and you can comment anonymously through a username of your choice.

Why do I need to register to make a comment?

We ask you to register to the website for a few reasons.

It helps to minimize the chance of the debate being manipulated by someone leaving lots and lots of comments supporting their own position.

It also helps to make sure that people only make a comment after they have really thought through the issues.

It also means that we can let you know any news if something major changes about the consultation.