Master Servicing Plan Update

Project Background

The Municipality of Grey Highlands presently owns and operates a water distribution system and sanitary sewer system in Markdale, a sanitary sewer system in Flesherton, a sanitary sewer system in Amik-Talisman and a water distribution system in Kimberley-Amik-Talisman.

The Municipality of Grey Highlands began investigating the expansion of its municipal infrastructure in 2012 to provide reasonable water and wastewater servicing to its existing communities of Markdale, Flesherton, Kimberley, Amik, Eugenia, and Beaver Valley for future development. This investigation was completed by preparing the2017 Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan (MSP). This MSP document was prepared using the Master Plan Approach #2 under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, as approved under the Environmental Assessment Act.

Since the update of the MSP in 2017, the construction and commissioning of the New Markdale Water Storage Facility was completed in 2021. Optimization of the Existing Markdale Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed once in 2018, and a current Environmental Assessment is underway for further optimization.

The process to reevaluate the MSP began in 2023 to engage with an engineering firm to complete the following scope of work:

  • Identify a preferred water and wastewater servicing strategy to support existing servicing needs and projected Growth, following the existing phase and sub phases as outlined;
  • Use the best available data, based on the County of Grey’s Growth Management Plan to estimate growth projections;
  • Utilize asset condition information supplied by the Municipality to identify sustainability projects;
  • Provide the business cases for the need, timing, and cost of constructing, upgrading, and servicing the infrastructure;
  • Follow the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for Master Plans, including open houses and presentations where required;
  • Provide a framework for the next Development Charge Study.
  • Project Updates

    The most recent updates for this project will be found at the top of the page.

    Update #2 - Material from PIC Posted

    A Public Information Centre (PIC) was hosted on February 27th at the Flesherton Kinplex. The audio recording and presentation slide deck have been uploaded to the Document Library.

    A questionnaire was available during the PIC for pubic feedback, and the same questionnaire has been added to the 'Provide Feedback' tab.

    The following resource documents that were prepared for the PIC have been uploaded to the Document Library.

    • Definitions & Abbreviations - common terms and abbreviations found throughout the Master Servicing Plan (MSP)
    • Problem or Opportunity Statement and Community Overview - a summary of why the MSP is being updates and a brief overview of the communities included in the study
    • What is a Master Servicing Plan - an overview of what the MSP is all about
    • Community Information Sheets - four separate documents prepared for each community on the current status of water and wastewater infrastucture

    Update #1 - Notice of Public Information Centre

    The municipality invites residents, agencies, and interested stakeholders to participate in the planning process and learn more about the study by attending a Public Information Centre (PIC).

    The PIC will present details about the study and the process used to decide on possible solutions and allow the public the opportunity to share comments and concerns. Members of the project team will be available at the PIC to answer questions and discuss the study progress to date.

    The PIC is scheduled to take place at the following:

    Public Information Centre
    Tuesday, February 27, 20247:00 pm
    Kinplex, Flesherton
    102 Highland Drive

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