Bulk Water & Sewage Dumping Station

Bulk Water

The bulk water station located at 75 Walker St allows customers to pay for large volumes of water. Payment can either be made by setting up an account or by debit/credit card payment while at the station. Bulk water is $5 per cubic meter.

To fill, customers must provide their own hose and need a 4” male camlock fitting.

Customers can apply for an account by completing the Bulk Fill Account Request Form.

Water Bottle Filling Station

The water bottle filling station is available from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend, free of charge for visitors to fill up a water bottle or water jug.

Sewage Dumping Station

The sewage dumping station is located at 75 Walker St. Access to the sewage dumping station is through debit/credit card payment. The gate will unlock, and users will have access to the compound to dump their black and grey water. There is also a hose bib available for users to connect their own hose. The dump station is $15.

Close up Look at the Bulk Water and Sewage Dumping Station

There are three doors on the front, the left is a FREE water bottle filling station. Just open the door and enjoy some fresh water. The small door on the right is where you pay for sewage dumping. Once paid the gate will open, and you can begin pumping!