Project Background

Burnside Parkette is an infill site in the heart of downtown Markdale that had fallen into considerable disrepair in recent years. The site links a rear parking lot to the main street commercial district, but due to its poor condition and not being AODA compliant, it is extremely underutilized and a blight on the downtown core. The Municipality has committed to the revitalization of downtown Markdale, and the rehabilitation of this Parkette into a green, sustainable and vibrant community space will support that commitment.

In July 2021, the Municipality was made aware of the Canada Community Revitalization Fund. The program had an application submission deadline of July 23rd, 2021.The Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) supports projects that:

  • revitalize downtown cores and main streets
  • reinvest outdoor spaces
  • create green infrastructure
  • increase the accessibility of community spaces.

On August 5th, 2021, staff were contacted by FedDev Ontario and advised that the project had been approved for funding support in the amount of $121,400.

The expanded rehabilitation project will include full excavation to make it fully accessible, adding electrical infrastructure, free public wi-fi, green space and a fully accessible, permeable walkway linking the parking lot of the commercial main street. The final phase of the project will include the installation of an outdoor roofing structure to make this area into a 3-season community hub, with the ability to support pop-up markets, performances and exhibitions and expanded opportunities for community gatherings.

A contribution from the Markdale Hydro Reserve fund would allow for general excavation, including greening and updated walkways. The grant from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund will support the transformation of the Parkette into a three-season community hub, by maximizing the space with infrastructure and canopy roofing, making it a true public square/marketplace in the downtown commercial district, and providing space for safe, COVID-compliant public gatherings throughout the year.

One of the primary elements of this project was to make the Parkette fully accessible, and all pathways, turf, and furnishings have been selected to support this accessibility goal. The revitalization of Burnside Parkette as a fully accessible public space was supported by funding from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund.

Opening Ceremony

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the official opening of Burnside Parkette! The space is now open for all to enjoy.