At the March 15, 2023, Council meeting, the following resolution was passed:

That Council direct staff to determine availability of the members and schedule an in-person Council Town Hall Forum at a location to be determined in May; and That Council direct staff to bring forward a report on locations and schedules for future Town Hall Forums up to 4 per year at various locations.

At the December 6, 2023 Council meeting, Council approved changing the time of the Town Halls from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm to allow for maximum participation among the community.

What is a Town Hall Forum?

A Town Hall Forum is an informal public open house-type meeting with Council members. This meeting is open to residents to speak to Council on various topics. There is no agenda. However, there may be a "focus" for the Town Hall. There are generally no time limits for resident comments. Council members make no decisions. However, responses regarding previous actions taken may be provided. Formal Minutes are not kept. The Town Hall Forums will be held in person only and will not be streamed or recorded. Should technology availability occur in the future, this may be revisited.

Upcoming Town Halls

August 20, 2024 - Kimberley Hall

November 19, 2024 - Maxwell Hall